Exploring the Difference: The 3 E’s of Dentistry for Kids

Tooth Character

Are you worried about inadvertently passing your own dental anxieties on to your children? The best way to prevent dental anxiety is by making the process enjoyable from the beginning. To do so, choose a dentist who is skilled in relating to kids of all ages. You can trust a dentist who enjoys working on children to provide your kids with the environment, entertainment and empathy they need to relax in the dental chair. Read on to learn more.


The first step in making kids comfortable at the dentist’s office is to create a playful environment. Everything from the decor to the toys helps to ensure that kids look forward to going to the dentist. A dentist that enjoys children will line his or her office walls with fun characters, exciting drawings and artwork made by children. Innovative toys designed to encourage deep thought and pretend play engage children’s imaginations while they wait.


The entertainment does not stop when children are called back to the dentist’s chair. In fact, it is just getting started. Dental hygienists help kids understand the procedures by modeling them on stuffed animals and dolls equipped with full sets of teeth. During the procedures, kids can watch movies or television designed for their age range. If kids are not comfortable with the bright lights, sunglasses are typically readily available.


A child’s dentist encourages kids to cooperate by praising his or her ability to follow directions during exams and procedures. Kid-friendly dentists always have fun anecdotes and jokes to share with their patients. If kids feel nervous or afraid, the dentist will take the time to address those worries and ease their fears. Furthermore, dentists explain all of the tools and procedures in a fun, engaging way to keep kids from developing a fear of the unknown.

Making the Choice

In the end, your child’s reaction to his or her time in the dentist’s chair will tell you about his or her satisfaction with the dentist. A proud smile from being a good helper while in the dentist’s chair and excitement about returning for the next cleaning visit will confirm that choosing a dentist who enjoys children was the right decision.