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Your Child’s First Visit

Your child should go see the dentist as soon as his or her first tooth erupts; typically, before the first birthday. After that, your child should see the dentist twice a year for a cleaning.

The first visit for very young children will be low key – we encourage mom or dad to hold the child in his or her lap while we do a quick exam and clean the teeth. Some parents like to bring their child in for a quick visit with an older sibling to allow their younger child to experience the dental office without pressure. They can practice sitting in the chair and see how fun our office is!

For older children, we focus on a fun, interactive, and educational experience. They will:

  • Enjoy our waiting room, which is tailored just for kids with lots of fun activities
  • Meet Magic Z Dragon, who educates kids on proper oral hygiene
  • Have their teeth and gums examined by Dr. Jackson
  • Receive fast, easy digital x-rays, if needed
  • Get a tooth cleaning with delicious tasting toothpaste
  • Discover the TVs in our exam and treatment rooms
  • Be offered sunglasses if the exam light is too bright
  • Learn how to brush and floss effectively

Everything we offer as a children’s dental office is geared towards making your child’s experience a fully positive one. Our goal is for your child to ask you “When can we go back to the dentist?” At Playtime Dental, we want smiles to be happy as well as healthy!


We gladly accept a wide range of dental insurance plans, please give our office a call and we will be able to help you. We do not accept any Medicaid/Community Plans. We also accept payment at the time services are rendered in the form of cash, check, credit, or debit card.

We will file forms with your insurance as a courtesy. Any copays or co-insurance amounts are due at the time of the visit, as is payment for services not covered by your plan.

If you need to speak to someone in our office about financial arrangements, our office manager will be happy to work with you prior to your appointment date. We want your children to have the best dental care possible, delivered in a timely manner!

Patient Forms

You can access, download, and print the new patient forms by clicking on the link below. We recommend filling the forms out before your appointment and bringing them with you to reduce wait time at your first appointment!


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Payment Plans with CareCredit

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We are proud to offer various no-interest and low-interest payment plans with CareCredit. Some examples are below:

Charge amount: $200.00- $999.00

Payment Options:

  • 6 months with fixed monthly payments. No interest if paid in full.

Charge amount: $200.00- $999.00

Payment Options:

  • 24 months with fixed monthly payments. 14.90% interest applied.
  • 36 months with fixed monthly payments. 15.90% interest applied.
  • 48 months with fixed monthly payments. 16.90% interest applied.

Charge amount: $200.00- $999.00

Payment Options:

  • 60 months with fixed monthly payments. 17.90% interest applied.

Please click here to apply today.

For a complete copy of our Financial Policy, click here

Anesthesia Options

If your child requires any sort of anesthesia, we have three options available.

  • Nitrous oxide is commonly known as laughing gas, and is administered with a small nose mask allowing the child to breathe in and out normally. Laughing gas takes effect and wears off quickly. Your child will not “go to sleep” with laughing gas; they will only become relaxed and unafraid. However, if your child becomes relaxed enough, he or she may take a nap!
  • Local anesthetic is used for all restorative procedures, such as fillings or crowns and for a tooth extraction. A topical gel is used to numb the gum or cheek surface, then the local is injected into the area using a very thin needle. Most children can be distracted by TV during this procedure.
  • IV sedation can be used for long, involved procedures, or when a child is understandably anxious and fearful. This option puts your child into a gentle, sleep and they awaken once the procedure is done.

Dr. Jackson will discuss with you the best option for your child, depending on their disposition and the procedure at hand.

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