Has your child gotten his or her first tooth in the past 6 months, or has it been 6 months or longer since your child’s last dental checkup? If the answer is yes, it’s time to schedule your child’s dental appointment.
Some may think that caring for baby teeth isn’t that necessary, since they are meant to fall out anyway. However, neglecting the health of your child’s baby teeth can lead to decay, disease, infection, pain, and premature tooth loss – which in turn can cause spacing issues and problems with adult teeth when they start coming in.

A typical dental cleaning will include an exam of your child’s existing teeth, gums, soft tissue, and gums to ensure that they are healthy and free from disease or infection. Each tooth will be evaluated and carefully cleaned, and your child will be given interactive, fun instruction on how to brush, floss, and keep a daily oral hygiene routine.

If x-rays are indicated, your child’s teeth will be quickly and safely imaged using our digital imaging system. This process creates an image file that can be easily reviewed by Dr. Jackson, and also by any specialists if your child ever needs additional care.

It’s a good practice to schedule your child’s next 6-month checkup before you leave our office. By making and keeping your child’s twice yearly dental checkups, you can help safeguard his or her health and smile.
Dr. Jackson believes in making kids dental care a fun, educational experience. If your child is nervous about visiting our office for the first time, please call us to arrange a tour of our office prior to your appointment date.


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