While most cavities can be repaired be removing the decay and applying a filling, sometimes the damage to the tooth requires a crown to repair. If a tooth is severely damaged or the decay is in a location where a crown is indicated, a crown can be used to cover the entire surface of tooth to restore it.

Natural colored materials can be utilized to fabricate a crown, which can then be fitted to the remaining base of the original tooth. Once the crown is cemented in place, bacteria will be blocked from accessing the interior of the tooth and causing further decay. Crowns are an excellent option when:

  • A tooth is severely chipped or broken close to the gum line
  • A tooth is decayed across a large portion of its surface
  • A tooth is subject to nerve treatment
  • A tooth has multi surface caries
  • A patient has numerous interproximal lesions on primary teeth

If your child does need a crown, we can restore their smile with a natural looking one that will restore their bite and look just like the original tooth.

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