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Straighter teeth are more affordable and easier than you think. Your child can have straighter teeth for as low as $199 per month. Schedule your child’s free consultation with Dr. Jackson today!


    Early monitoring for children’s dental issues allows for early intervention if orthodontic help is required for a functional mouthful of teeth. Traditional braces and appliances are a reliable way of correcting bite misalignment, and creating a beautiful, even smile.

    Dr. Jackson begins checking for tooth misalignment, crowding, and spacing issues at every cleaning no matter the age. This doesn’t mean your child will be fitted for braces any time soon – just that notes will be taken so the development of your child’s mouth, jaw, and teeth will be tracked and shared with you.

    If teeth come in crooked, have too much or too little space between them, or tilt in or out at the wrong angle (causing a misaligned bite), when the time is right, Dr. Jackson will recommend a customized orthodontic treatment plan for your child to help his or her teeth correctly align for a trouble-free bite and a happy, healthy looking smile.

    The amount of time required for braces to do their job will vary depending on the child. Traditional braces have come a long way, with the metal clasps on the teeth becoming more discreet and the wires less visible. Dr. Jackson will work with you and your child for a positive outcome when it comes to orthodontic care.