A Good Kids Dentist to Restore Your Kids Smile

Tooth Character
If your child has a chipped or broken tooth, pay a visit to a kids dentist for a professional checkup. It is common for kids to chip or break their teeth while playing. This happens when the enamel, the hardest protective part of the tooth, has reached its limits. A kids dentist can restore your child’s smile without the trip being scary or uncomfortable. But before you go, here are some basics to know about this sensitive issue.

Restore Your Kids’ Dental Health

By visiting a kids dentist, you will be advised on the best treatment for your child. In some cases, it is possible to mold the shape of the kid’s tooth into its former self. One method that dentists use to restore broken or chipped teeth is through bonding a filling to the tooth to restore the missing structure. Depending on the specialist’s specifications, you might be required to visit the dentist at most three times for you to get to the bottom of the problem.

Composite Resins

In bonding, the materials used are called composite resins. These are tooth-colored plastic materials. The materials are applied to the affected tooth and then formed into a definite shape. The next step is curing (hardening). It can be done by either a chemical procedure or the use of light. Colored materials are used to brighten the discolored tooth. Your child will be able to have that confident smile once more.

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