Sometimes a baby tooth simply refuses to come out, is badly decayed or infected, or is damaged in an accident. In such cases, an extraction may be the best course of action. Depending on the child’s dental development and which tooth needs removed, a space maintainer may be needed to hold space open for the permanent tooth to come in properly.

If your child complains of pain centering around a particular tooth, if the gums are red, discolored, inflamed, or there is pus present, or if the child has taken a blow to the mouth, call our office for an appointment. Dr. Jackson can determine if the tooth needs to be removed, and walk you through the options.

If a tooth is knocked out by accident, put it in a cup of milk or cold water if possible, and bring it to our office (call ahead to let us know you are coming).
We offer several anesthesia options for extraction. Dr. Jackson can help you determine which is best for your child. Even if an adult tooth must be extracted, there are options for restoring your child’s smile!


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