Bleaching: Great Choices to Brighten Your Smile

Tooth Character
Many teens want whiter teeth. Talk to your kids’ dentist about bleaching as an option to make your child’s smile really stand out. This is usually considered by parents after their children have tried whitening toothpastes or have changed their diets to help whiten their teeth. The darkening of teeth can also occur because of injury or something else that could be wrong with the teen physically, so it may also be the sign of something else that should be checked out medically. Once this is done, bleaching can be handled in a number of different ways.


In-office bleaching at your kids’ dentist is the most reliable choice for a fast result, but likely the most expensive, depending on your insurance coverage. A concentrated bleaching agent is applied to your child’s teeth and is activated with heat or light. It usually takes about an hour for this whole bleaching process to take place and most patients need as many as four visits for this to be truly effective on stained teeth. A children’s dentist can also focus on specific teeth, so that not all the teeth are bleached but only one in particular to match the bright shade of the rest.  Bleaching with trays (at home bleaching) is recommended afterwards to maintain the desired shade of the teeth.


Another method is a bleaching kit that a kids’ dentist can give you to use at home. An impression (mold) is taken of the child’s teeth and then made into a tray for bleaching gel. The child then wears the tray filled with bleaching gel for a set period of time over the course of a week or two. This is best for children who have all their teeth, such as teens. Performing teeth whitening at home can also be cheaper, but more risky as it can be done improperly. However, the side effects from it are relatively minimal.

For more information on bleaching teeth, check out the AAPD website or contact us at Playtime Dental. We’d love to help you and your child pick the best whitening option for you.