Encourage Children to Follow Bike Safety Tips

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Now that spring has rolled around, it is time to turn our attention to outdoor activities. The warm April weather means our little ones will head outside with their bikes and engage in all sorts of activities with their friends.

April also represents National Facial Protection Month. Too many people think that facial injuries predominantly occur when engaging in contact sports. The truth is that your children are quite vulnerable on their bicycles as well.

The Importance of a Helmet

Bike helmets have become so important that the federal government has instituted safety standards for their design and function. Do not let your child use a bike helmet that does not have a sticker stating it complies with the requirements of the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Demand that your kids wear their helmets at all times when riding their bikes. Do not let them get away with a helmet-less ride even if it is just down the street to their friend’s place.

Furthermore, inspect the helmet as it rests on your child’s head to ensure that it fits properly. If you and your child are not sure if it fits right, do not hesitate to consult with an expert at a bike store.

Choose the Right Size Bike

Too many parents think that a hand-me-down bike will suffice for their young one. Don’t try to cut corners by forcing your child to ride a bike that is not the ideal size. A properly sized bike will help keep your child safe and sound.

Have your child stand so that he or she straddles the top bar of the bike with both feet flat on the ground. If there is not an inch to three inches of space between the top bar and your child, the bike is the wrong size. Also, check to make sure that the seat, wheels and handlebars all fit nice and snug.

Perform Regular Bike Maintenance

Bikes require maintenance just like automobiles. Check your child’s bike chain on a regular basis to determine if it requires additional oil. Verify that the bike’s brakes are functioning as designed. Sticking brakes can lead to a nasty accident that leaves your child bruised, bloodied or worse.

Also, be sure to inspect the tires on your child’s bike on a regular basis. The tires should have ample air along with the proper tire pressure.

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