Establish Good Home Dental Care Habits Early

Tooth Character
Good dental health habits should start young. Proper tooth brushing, flossing and good dental habits affect more than the beauty of your children’s teeth. Poor dental habits, cavities, and gum disease can lead to bacterial infections which can lead to a major infection that could spread to different areas of the body if they are allowed to persist. According to the American Dental Association, gum disease and other health problems may be linked. Oral health and the health of the rest of the body are not separate.
Tips for Encouraging Healthy Mouth Habits in Your Child
·         Start Healthy Habits Early. Before your baby has his first tooth he should already be adjusted to the feeling of a soft rubber tipped toothbrush gently cleaning his gums two to three times daily. This early start will help establish good habits, and keep your child’s oral health in good shape from day one. Some people refer to baby teeth as training teeth, in the context that they do not need to worry if they get cavities. This is a very dangerous mindset.
·         Be a Great Example. Toddlers mimic much of what their parents do. The good or the bad. Letting them see you floss, and brush your teeth after meals, and making healthy choices such as drinking water over sugary beverages will go a long way when it comes time for them to make their own choices.
·         Take Them to Dental Appointments Early. This has a two-fold benefit for your child. One, they will not have a fear of the dentist if they go before they are taught to fear. And two, any problems that may occur will be caught early before they cause extensive damage.
·         Make Dental Care a Positive Experience. Do not turn tooth brushing time into a stressful event. Smile, and start brushing your own teeth if you want to get a hesitant toddler to follow suit. Make it a game, put on silly music to time the brushing and let your child pick out their own tooth brush, floss and rinse cup.

If you are looking for a positive first time dental experience for your child, contact Playtime Dental for an appointment!