First Visit to Dentist Can Be Fun and Educational, Encourage Good Habits

Tooth Character
Whether they arrive early or late in your baby’s mouth, the appearance of baby’s first teeth are a cause for celebration. Despite “teething trauma,” those tiny pearly whites represent a milestone of development, and mark the beginning of a lifetime of varied dental concerns.
Generally relaxed parental attitudes surrounding the initial 20 “baby teeth” can progress through many stages: Brushing and flossing, dealing with the tooth fairy, first “fears,” dental caries, straightening, whitening, wisdom teeth, loss of teeth, possible jaw or gum problems.
Encourage Good Habits
The fact that human beings receive two full sets of teeth does not make it any easier. What many people do not realize is that by the time those first infant teeth appear, somewhere between four and 16 weeks, the “buds” have been developing in the jaw for almost a year. Tooth buds begin to form within six weeks of conception.
Even though it is sometimes said that primary teeth are simply “place-savers,” for a permanent set of ivories, a kids dentist will tell you that it’s never too early to encourage good habits. From the time a child can hold a toothbrush — and even before — it’s wise to establish brushing routines, encourage proper nutrition and limit sweets.
Keep It Friendly and Fun
An early visit to a dentist who specializes in comfortable examinations, preventive care and education concerning health of the teeth and mouth will prepare a child for a lifetime of smiles. Beginning at about age six, the loss and replacement of those first baby teeth signals an ongoing process that will last into early adulthood.
In many cases today, the last four teeth to make their appearance, the so-called “wisdom teeth” at the far ends of the jawbone, will also be the first teeth to be lost. For reasons not fully understood, modern jaws are often not large enough to accommodate these large molars.

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