Hello! Welcome to Playtime Dental!

Tooth Character
Hello! Welcome to our blog! Here at Playtime Dental we cater to the young and growing! Our kid friendly environment will make each child’s visit fun and entertaining all while providing high quality care. We use many kid relate-able techniques to make his or her visit an educational one such as using our trusty friend Magic Z. Dragon to help demonstrate proper oral hygiene! Magic Z. Dragon helps show kids how to get rid of cavity bugs by tickling teeth with a tooth brush and using silly string (floss) to get rid of those hard to see cavity bugs between the teeth!
We pride ourselves on making each visit as fun and comfortable as possible. Our waiting room is dedicated to the kiddos. We have local art by elementary schools on our walls and toys, games and puzzles to occupy the little ones while waiting. When it is time to examine teeth, we have TV screens for the kids to watch and sunglasses if the examination light is too bright.  Once the appointment is finished, he or she will get to visit the treasure box for a prize!
We encourage you and your family to come on in and visit our office. We are here to provide your kids with the best dental care possible. Give us a call today at (419) 774-PLAY(7529)!