Kids Dental Health: Vending Machines in Schools

Tooth Character
Obesity, bad eating habits, and unhealthy food choices do not necessarily originate at home. Parents are not always the ones influencing their children’s unhealthy dietary intake. It could be, perhaps, the vending machines at school. Children are tempted by the items they see inside the vending machines in their schools. The result of unhealthy or sugary snacks can impact kids’ dental health as well as their overall well-being.
It is hard for them to resist so many unhealthy snacks when they are exposed to them every single day. Children with a few dollars in their pockets are tempted with chocolate candy bars, greasy potato chips, and acid filled sodas. These foods fall in the category of non-nutritious snacks, because they offer little or no nutritional value.
Schools can influence their students’ diets if they consider putting healthier food choices in their vending machines. Apples, oranges, milk, juices, and even multi-grain fruit bars are better food choices. Foods such as these aid children and their parents in more than one way.
The Vending Machine and Its Impact on Children
Vending machines containing junk foods actually influence children to eat unhealthily. When children are hungry and want a quick snack, they have to settle for what they can get. The choices they have to choose from are the ones that the vending machines provide. Schools can control what goes into the vending machines, but only if they choose to do so.
Bad eating habits lead children to the kids’ dentist or to a general dentist office. Acidic drinks and sugary snacks destroy the tooth’s enamel and often lead to cavities and tooth decay. Parents spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on dental care to restore their children’s teeth.
How Can Parents Help if Schools Will Not?

The voices of dissatisfied parents speak louder than vending machines. Parents can demand that their children’s school remove the vending machines or, at least, replace the foods inside with healthier foods. Parents can also forbid their children not to buy certain snacks from the vending machines. However, parents can also pack their children’s lunch, making sure to include nutritious snacks that will support overall health.