National Facial Protection Month

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National Facial Protection Month is coming close to an end. With the weather becoming warmer and the days lasting longer, your kiddos will be out and about playing and enjoying the outdoors.

Here at Playtime Dental, we want to make sure you are taking the extra steps needed to help protect your kids’ mouths and face. Although you can’t avoid accidents, you are able to do your best to make sure your child’s teeth and face are protected if an accident happens.

From organized sports to a pick-up game of kickball, here are some tips from the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry to help protect your young ones pearly whites and face.

Wear a mouth guard when playing contact sports: Wearing a mouth guard can protect your teeth from accidental injuries to the face. Being proactive and having your child wear a mouth guard will be far less expensive than a possible tooth replacement.

Wear a helmet: Anytime your child is riding a bike, playing football, baseball and so on, wearing a helmet will not only protect your kids’ teeth but their skull as well.

Wear protective eyewear: Wearing protective eye gear can help avoid any injuries to your kids’ eyes.

Make protective gear mandatory for all sports: For organized sports, it is important to enforce facial protection. By doing so, severe facial injuries can be avoided.

For more questions, contact your child’s dentist or visit for more information.