Whitening Toothpastes: Do They Really Work?

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Everyone wants not only to have straight and healthy teeth, but also the white, beautiful smile so many people are drawn to. That’s one of the reasons there are more and more whitening toothpastes than ever before, with each kind promising the successful whitening of your teeth when you brush on a regular basis. But answering the question of whether they really work or not is tough, as teeth can appear very white just after a good brushing with most toothpastes and then return to a darker color after eating or drinking certain foods. So can any of these whitening toothpastes actually whiten teeth and keep them white for an extended period of time?


Whitening toothpastes contain chemicals or abrasives that act as polishing agents, with the ability to remove stains from the surface of teeth. They will definitely give teens whiter and brighter smiles that will make them all the more attractive when they flash those pearly whites. However, because there are various brands of whitening toothpastes, some work more effectively than others.


For the best results, most whitening toothpaste manufacturers recommend you leave the toothpaste on the teeth for at least a minute so that the chemicals and abrasive agents can do their job removing stains. This makes sense when you think about it. It’s also important to keep in mind that each person’s diet and teeth are different. Some people consume more drinks and food that darken the surface color of their teeth, while others have teeth that are more susceptible to stain. In other words, some whitening toothpastes work better for some people and not for others, making it even more difficult to know which ones will work for you.


If whitening toothpastes don’t work and there is still a desire to make teeth whiter, bleaching can be done as well, though this should be done by a dental professional rather than using bleaching products you buy yourself (as this can lead to misuse and chemical burns). If darkening of teeth continues to occur, there may be other dental or medical conditions going on as well and these should be investigated.
You can learn more about whitening toothpastes, bleaching teeth and what the color of teeth may indicate at the AAPD website or by talking to us at Playtime Dental.