Why Fill Baby Teeth

Tooth Character

It would be safe to say that the fear of cavities is a main reason why most parents encourage their children to brush their teeth. No one likes the idea have having tooth pain or experiencing that first drilling, but what happens if you or your child’s dentist finds a cavity?

When a cavity is found in a baby tooth, there are options on how to treat them, such as a preventive resin or a traditional filling. Your dentist will review the options with you so you can choose together your best course of action for your child’s oral health. If you are be reading this and wondering why we would fill a tooth that is only going to fall out in a few years anyway, rest assured, there is a reason!

It is estimated that 51 million school hours are lost due to dental disease each year. Imagine trying to concentrate on multiplication when your tooth hurts! Additionally, a decaying tooth can abscess causing severe pain. Cavities that are left untreated can bring a host of complications that go as far as school performance and peer relationships. Yes, those teeth are going to fall out eventually, but right now they are very important to your child.

Baby (or primary) teeth hold space in your child’s mouth for the permanent teeth to grow in. Therefore, if a tooth is lost to untreated decay, the nearby teeth may shift into the empty space and actually prevent the permanent tooth from erupting properly. When this happens, a crooked smile is often a sad result.

If you find or suspect a cavity in your child’s teeth, don’t hesitate to have it checked out. Of course, we all desire to prevent cavities from forming, but if one sneaks in, early detection and treatment is important!